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PURPOSE – usable functions of the MCK building (MCK – The International Conference Centre) 
The International Conference Centre building in Katowice is a multifunctional, complex service facility, which ranks among public buildings. For the most part, it has been designed for guests who take part in the events organised there. However, it also has an area which is fully available for the public – it is a green passage which goes diagonally through the building’s roof where it takes on the shape of a valley, as well as the main foyer – the connecting area between two entrances: from the Honour Square’s side (in front of the arena complex called “Spodek” –  the “Saucer”) and the second from the side of Olimpijska Street (which is under design). Marking these spaces as public is a vital city-forming element for a post-industrial area where the MCK complex was designed. As to the main functions of the building, it is a place for congress, conference, exibition, fair and performance.

Total floor surface area - 34 899m2 
Total surface area - 38 948m2                                                              
Total gross volume - 388 500m3
Lenght - 236m
Width - 92m
Southern part height - 15m    
Northern part height - 22m

The Saucer, a performance hall built in 1962, is a building which took its place in the pantheon of the most remarkable pieces of work in the modern Polish architecture and is one of its brightest icons (the work of two architects: Maciej Gintowt and Maciej Krasioski). It is the symbol of Katowice city and the Upper Silesia industrial region, and its chief quality is the explicit architecture with outstanding compositional value that could not have been deprecated as a result of new realization. At the same time, however, the scale and importance of the new MCK construction which plays prestigious role for the city and region, required searching for an explicit, clear and logical solution – a solution that would make it an inherent part of this city dominated by existing large-scale complexes, also those being under construction (the Silesian Museum, the Philharmonic, the Theatre).

The general idea of the project was creating a complex of which the value is being built not only by assuring programmatically-functional utilitarian solutions, but also by creating conditions for its coopeartion in the city’s social space. The edifice with its simple, distinctive and explicit form is integrated into city’s public space by assuring the connection along functionally important axis which links Honour Square in front of the Saucer hall (also the most important interchange in Katowice) with the oldest historical part of the city named Bogucice. These links are being realized in two ways: in form of a public passage through the main hall and foyer centre (which can be particularly used during open events like fair or exibition), as well as in form of en exterior passage leading to the building’s roof (the green valley) which can be used annually for outdoor exibitions, happenings etc.

The above idea has led to formation of a defice which consists of the following compositional elelements: the roof (the “green valley”) integrated into the system of terrain escarpments and naturally diverse area, and the space of the hall and foyer which is situated below and looks unique because of its ceiling deformation, a negative form of the “green valley”. A building shaped in this way complies with the requirements which arise from its importance and prestigue, as well as from the necessity of integrating it into the Saucer’s surroundings since the latter will remain a meaningful and dominant element in the space of this city part.

The following publicly available functions have been designed in the building:

  • Main Foyer
  • Multifunctional Hall
  • Banquet Hall
  • Lecture Theatre
  • Conference Centre
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe


It cuts across the building diagonally and assures an easy access to its basic functions. It has two entrances: from the Honour Square’s side (in front of the arena complex called “Spodek” –  the “Saucer”) and the second from the side of Olimpijska Street. The main foyer’s space includes four floor levels:
0,00 – the level of the square in front of the MCK and the Saucer; the entrance zone with information desk and Café, the entrance to the Banquet Room, Restaurant, Conference Centre and Lecture Theatre;
+1,28 – the medium level, Restaurant entrance;
+4,48 – the Multifunctional Room level, washing facilities, Restaurant entrance;
+8,32 – antresol, the entrance zone form Olimpijska Street’s side.

Main functions: communication, enquiring, ticket and gadgets purchase.

Additional functions: exibitions and fairs with single or multiple exibitors, premiers and film productions.

Maximum number of people allowed to stay on the foyer’s area at the same time: 1500

Multifunctional Hall has been designed with possible division into three separate rooms of similar size. Sectioning off the rooms is done by unfolding a mobile wall for which car parks in alcoves have been planned. Each of the sectioned off rooms has: the possibility of entrance, load-carrying access, emergency exit, own foyer part, entrance zone with own separate entrance and information desk, as well as washing facilities, eating places and a storehouse part.

Main functions: exibitions and fairs with single or multiple exibitors.
Additional functions: concerts, premieres and product presentations, fashion shows, beauty contests, conventions, debates, assemblies, symposiums, congresses, events with audience in mobile stands on soft ground (e.g. equestrianism), parquet floor (e.g. basketball), composite floor (e.g. tennis), film productions.

Nett height (if we take the floor and ceiling under consideration): 12,5m
Maximum hall capacity for the basic function: 5000 people
Maximum hall capacity for additional functions with cooling option: 8000 people
Maximum hall capacity for additional functions without cooling option: 12000 people
Installation ducts have been designed in the multifunctional hall’s floor and are accessible along their entire length, equipped with water and sewage systems separated from each other, as well as wiring, telephone and teletype systems.

Each of the parts sectioned off in this hall has its supporting functions which, in case of sectioning off, can be attributed to the sectioned off part only. At +8,32 level, there are entrances and emergency exits from the side of Olimpijska Street. Inside, at the same level, there are information desks at entresol – they may also serve as ticket-sales points and temporarily organised access control. After descending open stairs to +4,48 level, we find ourselves in the foyer’s space in front of Multifunctional Hall. From this spot we have access to washing facilities, small eating places and entrances to Multifunctional Hall which are all under the entresol. At the other side of Multifunctional Hall, there are entrance gates for lorries, emergency exits and, between the entrances, office spaces for rent. Storehouses are located under the hall’s level – at 0,00 ordinate – and this is where the three-part division has been kept along with sectioning off the communication. Moreover, there a is manoeuvring area outside.

Banquet Hall’s foyer is accessible from the main foyer’s entrance zone. In this hall, which has an area of 1200m2, there is also a possibility of dividing it into 3 rooms, each with a separate entrance – like in the multifunctional hall. Banquet Hall’s foyer is easily accessible for kitchen staff. There is also immediate access to the washing facilities which are sectioned off for it.
Main functions: banquets, meetings, weddings, outdoor sessions, conventions, balls, TV productions.
Additional functions: exibitions and fairs with single or multiple exibitors, minor performances, premiers, contests.
Nett height (if we take the floor and ceiling under consideration): 6,0m
Floor load: 3500kg/m2
Maximum capacity: 1000 peopl

The foyer of Lecture Theatre is accessible from the main entrance’s foyer zone. It is located at two levels: 0,00 and 4,48 which are joined together by interior stairs. The access to the lower part is possible from the lower level of the main foyer, and to the upper part – from the upper part of the foyer. Lecture Theatre is intended for typically theatrical functions and is designed for electronically amplified voice. It is characterized by good sectioning off from the foyer and the remaining parts of the building. It also has a backstage, plumbing system and a cloakroom which are all situated at two levels. The following have been designed: a stage (with the measures 8x16 and two separate entrances from the backstage), projection room and translator’s booth. It also has washing facilities for guests.

Main functions: stage performances, minor performances, outdoor sessions, lectures, exams, conventions, music productions, TV productions, contests, audio and video shows.
Nett height (if we take the floor and ceiling under consideration) (the figure is changeable): 8,0-3,5m
Floor load within stage area: 3500kg/m2
Maximum room capacity: 600 people

From the three foyer levels (0,00; 1,28; 4;48), there are three restaurant levels accessible which have an interior connection between each other. Each of these levels is connected to the waiter’s distribution point in the kitchen by sideboard rooms – to which you one can get by using elevator and the interior stairs of the kitchen. There are stairs in the Restaurant which lead upstairs to the conference part. Summer Restaurant has been located at the southern facade and is mainly intended for table service outside.
Functions: banquets, meetings, weddings, suppers, conventions, balls.
Nett height: (if we take the floor and ceiling under consideration) (changeable): 9-14m
Floor load: 750kg/m2
Maximum capacity: 450 people

Functions: preparing meals for the restaurant as well as caterings, which are served inside the building as well as taken out.
Nett height: (if we take the floor and ceiling under consideration): main rooms: 5m, storehouse part: 2,5m
Floor load: 750 people
Maximum number of staff: 40 people

Café has been localized in the foyer’s main entrance zone. Its tables are placed in a clearly sectioned off space of the main foyer with a floor area of about 100m2.
Functions: café
Nett height: (if we take the floor and ceiling under consideration) (changeable): 3,0-12,0m
Floor load within the main foyer: 5000kg/m2
The number of people for which the Café is intended: 60
Summer Café has been localized in the “green valley” level and is mainly intended for table service (it will be possible to arrange the tables in the “green valley”, in a place specially designed for this). Summer Café is intended for serving maximum 20 people.

Conference Centre is the part sectioned off at +8,32 level with its main entrance from the main foyer, a separate entrance from Olimpijska Street’s side and additional entrance from the Honour Square’s side. Conference Centre has a connection with the Restaurant at +4,48 level and an exit to the “green valley”. It consists of 18 conference rooms with a possibility of dividing some of them into smaller ones, two sanitary units, a sideboard connected to distribution point for waiters, as well as an office intended for the guests from Conference Centre and a utility room for handheld equipment.
Main functions: conferences, meetings, lectures, seminars, trainings, exams.
Additional functions: exibitions and fairs with single or multiple exibitors, premiers and product presentations, TV productions.
Nett height: (if we take the floor and ceiling under consideration) (changeable): 4,0m      Floor load: 750kg/m2
Maximum number of people allowed to stay in Conference Centre at the same time: 1200



Next to the main entrance from Honour Square’s side, a crossing has been designed which leads to the Saucer. The corridor’s minimum width is 5m and the height – 3m.

An unloading room has been designed at -4,0 level which is intended for convenient goods and equipment supply for the building.

A room for a parent and child has been designed in the centre of the main foyer.

In the main entrance area, service establishment has been designed from the Honour Square’s side. Its surface area is 160m2 and there separate entrances that lead to it from from the outside.

Permanent reception desks have been designed at main entrances from the Honour Square’s side and from the side of Olimpijska Street. Permanent job positions are predicted there.

They have been designed for installation fittings which are necessary for proper functioning and keeping comfort in the building.

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